Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Digital Bookmarking and Cloud Based Storage

I am currently working to better embrace digital bookmarking and cloud based storage tools.  I am the type of person who has historically pack-ratted any and all information that I may find useful at another date.  Unfortunately, I am also a gigantic procrastinator so my filing and organizing never seems to get done.

Through the use of Diigo I have been able to resist my first response to print every article of interest. Now, instead I simply bookmark and add tags to items of interest.  Low and behold the filing and organizing is done at the same time and the mess of loose papers is dwindling fast!

Diigo -digital bookmarking

Pintrest - visually addictive bookmarking site. You can search by thematic unit, curriculum, season, etc.

LiveBinders - Web based three ring binders to store and share information in an organized searchable format. Just search "education" to view countless binders full of interesting information and wonderful resources. Here is a link to one of my most recent finds.
image from New Teacher Chat #ntchat
Image from New Teacher Chat LiveBinder

Monday, April 22, 2013

STEM Education Coalition

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

STEM is the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Coalition. STEM works to raise awareness in Congress, the Administration, and other organizations about the critical role that STEM education plays.

Members of the STEM Coalition believe that our nation must improve the way our students learn science, mathematics, technology and engineering and that the business, education, and STEM communities must work together to achieve this goal.

STEM Education Coalition 

This is a television spot that Brogan & Partners created for the National Defense Education Partnership to increase awareness of STEM and the importance in science, technology, engineering and math education because the jobs of the future will be in these areas.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

QR Codes in the Classroom

Lately I have been exploring different ways to incorporate QR codes into the classroom.  QR codes are an easy portable way to deliver multiple types of media.

I have found multiple ideas for independent math stations utilizing QR codes as a self-check mechanism on the Flapjack Educational Resources blog.

 QR Code Math Freebies - contains multiple QR math station activities and ideas for incorporating QR codes into math class.

The Green Classroom Blog
QR Codes and Bottle Cap Fun! - Great activity for practice ordering fractions using recycled bottle caps.

Bottle Cap QR Image
Image link: Flapjack Educational Resources
Create your own QR codes through Visualead's Qurify2  the possibilities are endless.

This next week I would like to work with students to produce QR Codes to link fellow students to self produced book reviews for classroom reading libraries.  The QR codes will link future students to written, video or voice recordings of book reviews shared by fellow fourth grade students. These links can be used to preview and help select reading material for future classes.