Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Flipping Your Classroom

Mining the Web Group Project - The Flipped Classroom

Distance Education Class RWLD's: March 9th - 15th

Facilitated By:

Robyn Bredvick -
Ashley Ulin -
Kim McCoy-Parker -


The flipped classroom model utilizes a new approach to learning that engages the learner and allows for collaborative work to take place in the classroom, while the review and consuming of the subject matter takes place at the learners place and on their own time.  Is this model the right model for you and your learners?  This week we want you to explore the flipped classroom model and apply it to some of your own teachings.  In the discussion forum we will ask you to reflect on and apply your understanding of the flipped classroom model.  We will ask you to identify and summarize blogs about this model currently available.  Lastly we will ask you to create your own flipped model.  Through this process you will discuss the pros and cons of this model, and reflect on utilizing this learning tool within your own classroom setting.  This process will challenge you and excite you as you learn about different ways of teaching and learning to meet the needs of all learners.

Learning Goals:
  1. Learner will demonstrate an understanding of the flipped classroom model.
  2. Learner will find and summarize two blog posts about implementing the flipped classroom model.
  3. Learner will be able to create a flipped classroom model lesson plan.  

Flipped Classroom PowerPoint Overview


  1. Blog Research and Review Post - March 13th
  2. Create Your Own Flipped Lesson / Discussion Post - March 15th


Intro Reading - what exactly is a “Flipped Classroom”, why use a flipped lesson

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media



Teaching for Tomorrow - Flipped Learning

The Flipped Classroom is Not

Blog Search and Review - (Due March 13th)

Blog Activity: Research and find 2 blog posts that discuss the implementations of the flipped classroom model. Share the information you found and reflect on your own blog about the challenges and advantageous outcomes that others have experienced. In what ways do you think you can implement these ideas into your own teaching?

Please post the link to your blog post in the module discussion board by March 13th.

Create your own Flipped Lesson - Post Link and Reflection on Discussion Board (Due March 15th)


Step by Step Tutorial on How to Flip
One resources that teachers can use to flip the classroom is TED ed tool. It is a great resource and starting point, especially because it is free. There are many different tools that teachers can use to facilitate a flipped classroom including: Panopto, Vodcasting software, Adobe Presenter.
Watch the “How To” Video: After watching the How To video on flipped classrooms classmates will create a sample lesson plan utilizing the Ted Ed approach:This website provides a step by step tutorial on how to use TED Ed tool to create flipped lessons around YouTube videos. Keep in mind that you need to open an account with TED Ed to start using this service. The sign-up process is pretty easy and free. then click on create lesson

Sample Flipped Lesson Outline

Sample of Flipped TED Ed Lesson 
  1. Watch - select your video
  2. Think - Clicking on "Think" button enables you to add questions around on the video. The questions can be either multiple choice or open answer or both.
  3. Dig Deeper - Provide more insight or questions to get students thinking deeper.
  4. Discuss - Here you can open a new discussion, view old discussions and create new ones.
Grading criteria for the Flipped Classroom will be based on the rubric provided in the link below.
Grading Rubric Flipped Class Lesson

    Wrap Up Final Assignment: After creating a brief flipped lesson post a link to your lesson on the discussion board and respond to at least two of the following discussion prompts.

    1. Give an example of a classroom topic or subject you would like to see in a flipped format.  What advantages would flipping provide to the learning process and discuss any challenges you would foresee?
    2.  What is one thing you walked away knowing about a flipped classroom that you did not know before you participated in this mining the web project?
    3. In your opinion what would be the hardest part of flipping a class and how could this challenge be overcome?

    Saturday, December 14, 2013

    Digital Storytelling meets Social Studies

    For the last three weeks we have been studying the American Revolution in fifth grade.  For this project based unit each group is working on one individual and one event to teach their fellow students, and our culminating project deadline is quickly approaching. 

    The variety of projects is inspiring as is the enthusiasm to create the digital story that will be used to communicate their knowledge to fellow classmates. 

    Finger Puppet Newscast

    From finger puppet newscasts, dancing raps, game shows, reenactments, court proceedings, debates and television specials the creativity is amazing.  Student who are typically quiet and reserved are directing classmates as they stage scenes, special education students are participating equally among their peers and being valued as equal members of the group.  Musical talents and art abilities are be utilized and all groups are performing well beyond original expectations.  The issue now is the students not wanting to rush the finalization of the project they are concerned that the video be of superior quality to show the world.

    Each student has actively sought out parent permission to post the videos online for the world to see and students are spending time at home researching, editing and collaborating through group google documents.  

    All this technology is happening in a classroom where the only technology in the past has been the use of the media lab on a once a week to learn basic functions of power point and word documents.  Now each student routinely uses their individual email and google drive and the teacher has vowed to use digital storytelling several more times this year. 

    Saturday, December 7, 2013

    Gaming as Collaborative Learning

    For this class assignment we took our game playing to another level as we played Kingdom Rush collaboratively to discover additional benefits of gaming in learning environments.

    For me I found that my two sons were invaluable tutors, patient and supportive helping to encourage and motivate me while providing constant problem solving suggestions and reminders of where to look for additional resources.

    Having the support and encouragement of fellow classmates helped to keep me going on the game when I felt I could go no farther.  Commiserating over frustrations and celebrating successes made developed a sense of community and the feeling that I must work through my frustration as the rest of the community was as well.  When I had others checking on and asking about my progress I felt the responsibility to try harder and not give in so easily.

    I am a person who does not like to fail and not knowing how to do something correctly can be very frustrating for me personally but with gaming it is different games are fun.  Games create an environment in which it’s safe to fail and fun to collaborate.  

    Here are some interesting articles I found on the subject of collaborative gaming.

    Dimension-U Article about online gaming platform and learning resource 

    Girls and Games: What's the Attraction   "62 percent of gamers play with other people either in person or online, and 47 percent of all gamers are girl"

    • First, they focus on well-ordered problems, not facts and information.
    • Second, they give players good tools with which to solve the problems (including other players in multiplayer gaming and facts and information as tools) .
    • Third they have clear goals, but, nonetheless, encourage players to rethink their goals from time to time. 
    • To see number 4 - 12 click on link above......
    What part of collaborative gaming do you find the most beneficial?

    Saturday, November 16, 2013

    Come Tour with Me in Second Life

    Historical Landmark & Interesting Sites Tour

    I have spent the last two weeks getting familiar with the virtual reality sight Second Life for my UNI class Emerging Instructional Technology and along the way I have come across some interesting locations I would like to share with you.

    Starting with the most important landmark of all North Pole Village & Santa's Workshop complete with and Elfementary School, ice skating penguins and of course the Reindeer Barn.

    Here are some other interesting sites I found along my travels:

    Paris 1900 - Famous sites from Paris in 1900, including the Moulin Rouge.

    US Holocaust Museum - this eerie tour through the abandoned city and vandalized temples features narrations from actual holocaust survivors.

    Virtual Morocco - Casablanca - souk, mosque, garden cafe and beach

    Luxembourg City - this one is significant to me because I was lost in this city for 4 hours in the middle of the night once.

    Venice Italy - go to the canal and take a ride on a gondola

    Caledon - windswept forested country depicting 19th century Victorian country-estate lifestyle, steam-power era.

    Kowloon - Chinese realism in the Kowloon district of Hong Kong

    Wicked Workshop - Harry Potter Themed shops where you can shop for the latest and greatest brooms

    The Chocolate Factory - from Willie Wonka in the courtyard you can ride around on stuffed animals.  Then crawl through portholes to visit the invention room, Charlie's House or various other locations

    Deadwood City Wild West Roleplay - you can stop and shop for authentic western wear before continuing on to the role-play area.

    I hope you enjoy some of these locations, if you have any suggestions of places in SL that I should visit please share them with me.

    Wednesday, November 13, 2013

    Traveling in Second Life

    Today I went traveling throughout Second Life via the teleportation function.  Some of the interesting places I visited where the Holocaust Museum, STEM Island, a
    Virtual Fair and surprisingly my favorite the Star Trek Museum. 

    While I am not fond of Second Life itself I do appreciate the possibilities the virtual world hold for allowing people to pursue interests, visit places they would not ordinarily have the option to tour or learn about new things of interest.

    When touring the Holocaust Museum the recordings of the survivors voices telling their personal stories along side of the pictures of themselves and their families scattered among the deserted city streets created a surreal feeling of sadness.

    On a happier note he I am at the virtual state fair.

    Sunday, November 10, 2013

    Customizing Avatars in Second Life

    As you know by now if you are reading my blog, I am currently exploring the world of Second Life along with the rest of my classmates in Emerging Instructional Technology class.

    This most recent trip to Second Life involved virtual shopping and body shaping.  This time around I felt like I had a mission and a purpose. The assignment was to change my avatars physical appearance and clothing.  The options were endless allowing you to change even the tiniest details from bridge of nose, tilt of forehead, or even muscle mass of legs.  My first attempt at changes to body shaping of my avatar found the new character looking very much like a cross between a pixie and one of Santa's elves that may had been hit in the face by a frying pan.  I thought I liked her but subliminally I must have resisted the freakish character because somehow she did not get saved.

    Second Life - Wandering without Purpose

    During the next few weeks in my class on Emerging Instructional Technologies we will be exploring learning in virtual worlds.  This weeks assignments includes becoming familiar with the virtual reality site Second Life.

    This time my quest in Second Life left me wandering aimlessly around looking for a purpose.  After I finished the tutorial in Lionheart Orientation Island I flew around the island for a while but without a clear mission I became board and lost focus rather quickly.  By the time I was done I was in Egon's workshop from Ghostbusters?????  Even more confused.

    While the graphics are cool and possibilities endless without a purpose or a mission I have a hard time finding the necessary attention and focus to continue to wandering around for no particular reason.

    I have several more assignments centered around virtual reality sights and am holding out hope that my view on virtual reality changes soon.