Saturday, November 16, 2013

Come Tour with Me in Second Life

Historical Landmark & Interesting Sites Tour

I have spent the last two weeks getting familiar with the virtual reality sight Second Life for my UNI class Emerging Instructional Technology and along the way I have come across some interesting locations I would like to share with you.

Starting with the most important landmark of all North Pole Village & Santa's Workshop complete with and Elfementary School, ice skating penguins and of course the Reindeer Barn.

Here are some other interesting sites I found along my travels:

Paris 1900 - Famous sites from Paris in 1900, including the Moulin Rouge.

US Holocaust Museum - this eerie tour through the abandoned city and vandalized temples features narrations from actual holocaust survivors.

Virtual Morocco - Casablanca - souk, mosque, garden cafe and beach

Luxembourg City - this one is significant to me because I was lost in this city for 4 hours in the middle of the night once.

Venice Italy - go to the canal and take a ride on a gondola

Caledon - windswept forested country depicting 19th century Victorian country-estate lifestyle, steam-power era.

Kowloon - Chinese realism in the Kowloon district of Hong Kong

Wicked Workshop - Harry Potter Themed shops where you can shop for the latest and greatest brooms

The Chocolate Factory - from Willie Wonka in the courtyard you can ride around on stuffed animals.  Then crawl through portholes to visit the invention room, Charlie's House or various other locations

Deadwood City Wild West Roleplay - you can stop and shop for authentic western wear before continuing on to the role-play area.

I hope you enjoy some of these locations, if you have any suggestions of places in SL that I should visit please share them with me.

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