Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kingdom Rush - Newb Here

Finally I had an assignment that my two boys are jealous of.  In my Emerging Instructional Technology class we were assigned the task of playing Kingdom Rush for a minimum of 3 hours.  This week the kids are not complaining about mom having so much homework.  My ten year old offered to do my homework for me and both he and his 14 year old brother were quick to offer their help and expertise.

I spend a great deal of my time chastising my boys for spending so much time playing online games "do you have your homework done", "really can't you find something more productive to do" and every night "you need to have that thing shut down in the next 5 minutes or I am disconnecting the internet" are phrases that are regularly voiced in my household.

This week it was different, it was "mom I can help you with your homework if you want" and me asking them to come help me get through a level.  After playing for several hours I can defiantly understand the lure of games when you ease yourself from the relatively easy completion of the first few quests, then scaffolding learning increasing you skill set and knowledge base as you progress.  Before I knew I was on the edge of me seat, stomping my feet cursing Yeti's and other bad guys in an oblivious state of Flow.

9 Characteristics of Flow

I am only up to 19 stars so my skills are far from noteworthy but I am getting more skilled each time I play.  The fact that I am not a gamer did not serve me well at first, in fact I needed put the settings on easy to learn how to get through the first few levels and work my way up to the normal level.  The fact that I had access to my own personal tutors (game playing sons) at a drop of a hat helped to make my experience less stressful than I image it would have been without them.

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