Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gaming as Collaborative Learning

For this class assignment we took our game playing to another level as we played Kingdom Rush collaboratively to discover additional benefits of gaming in learning environments.

For me I found that my two sons were invaluable tutors, patient and supportive helping to encourage and motivate me while providing constant problem solving suggestions and reminders of where to look for additional resources.

Having the support and encouragement of fellow classmates helped to keep me going on the game when I felt I could go no farther.  Commiserating over frustrations and celebrating successes made developed a sense of community and the feeling that I must work through my frustration as the rest of the community was as well.  When I had others checking on and asking about my progress I felt the responsibility to try harder and not give in so easily.

I am a person who does not like to fail and not knowing how to do something correctly can be very frustrating for me personally but with gaming it is different games are fun.  Games create an environment in which it’s safe to fail and fun to collaborate.  

Here are some interesting articles I found on the subject of collaborative gaming.

Dimension-U Article about online gaming platform and learning resource 

Girls and Games: What's the Attraction   "62 percent of gamers play with other people either in person or online, and 47 percent of all gamers are girl"

  • First, they focus on well-ordered problems, not facts and information.
  • Second, they give players good tools with which to solve the problems (including other players in multiplayer gaming and facts and information as tools) .
  • Third they have clear goals, but, nonetheless, encourage players to rethink their goals from time to time. 
  • To see number 4 - 12 click on link above......
What part of collaborative gaming do you find the most beneficial?

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