Monday, September 23, 2013

Bat Signal?... No It's a Tweet!

Is That a Bat Signal?  No It's a Tweet

I just dawned on me that my Twitter account @kim_mccoypk has become by own personal Bat Signal when I am stuck or need help I now go to Twitter and post my question, concern or need like Gotham in need of Batman.  And to my surprise the superheros in my PLN come to the rescue. 

When I was looking for a keyboard typing program because the district was still deciding what software to purchase I flashed the Bat Signal (tweeted for suggestions) in a very short time I had several suggestions to research.  Within 48 hours the research was done, students entered into the teacher management tool, log ins  assigned and we had begun our keyboarding tutorials.  The district is still researching and working on making a software purchase but our students are well on their way to becoming lightning fast keyboardists and loving it.
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I tweeted a random comment on how I was apprehensive of the gaming portion of my Emerging Instructional Technology Class and received a tweet back from Michael Matera  @mrmatera

author of Mr Matera Musings who blogs about gamification of the classroom.  Below you will find a link to his article Tech tools for the gamified classroom.  He also suggested I take a look at edbean another site full of wonderful articles by insightful educators.  As I was perusing these websites I notices that not only had @mrmatera made suggestions and offer support but he was now following me on twitter as well how cool is that?

I found out this weekend that the Bat Signal can work two ways.  I noticed a blog that @emma_george8 who is part of my PLN would be interested in.  How did I know she would be interested in this particular blog you ask?  I know because I read her blog Little titbits by Emma George she is studying to be a Spanish teacher so I thought she might be interested in one of my favorite blogs Flap Jack Educational Resources.

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I love this blog because of the wonderfully engaging activities she creates. I have found multiple QR code game ideas on this sight and have purchased many of her resources from the website Teachers Pay Teachers.  Many of the resources on this site come in Spanish as well as English.

When Emma tweeted back a thank you for the resource the realization solidified that Twitter can be an effective Bat Signal for asking for or providing assistance.

How will you use your "Bat Signal" this week?

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  1. Never thought of it like that, but I LIKE IT!!!!!

    I have used it many times as a Bat Signal for helping or asking to be helped.