Monday, September 23, 2013

Math Monsters

Math Monsters are what I call the group of kids I work on a daily basis providing intensive intervention for Math. I love taking what seemed impossible and making it fun.  Finding ways to make math fun takes some work at times but I get a great deal of guidance and a plethora of ideas from two blogs in particular.

Two Blogs I follow every week:

Math Coaches Corner by Donna Boucher

A veteran  K-5 Instructional Mathematics Coach. Donna writes frequent blog posts on the subject of Elementary Math.  She provides ideas for hands on activities and instructions on how to break math into small manageable chunks for students.

Flapjack Educational Resources by Tabitha Carro

You have to love her Blog tag line "Have Fun the Learning Will Come" Tabitha is a Spanish partial-immersion math and science 4th grade teacher who creates some amazing math and science activities.  Tabitha has created some great QR Codes.

There is a great entry on this blog site about QR Codes in the Classroom. It lays out everything you need to know to create activities using QR codes.

Take a look at these two blogs and let me know what you think.


  1. It's good to hear about a couple of good blogs. I especially like that you are citing a specific thing that you found on the Flapjack blog. That is how you want to share blogs, by the posting content. Z

  2. Kim-
    I absolutely love that like "Have fun the Learning Will Come." Teachers sometimes take themselves too seriously and forget to laugh at themselves every once in a while. I really love the Flapjack blog about the QR Codes. I've had to use these in different classrooms before and they are a fun alternative to typing in URLS. Thanks for sharing!